From Components to Systems to Complete Solutions

Logosol, Inc. is a precision motion automation design house that develops and manufactures state-of-the-art motion control components and systems for industrial automation. Logosol specializes in the design and development of complete solutions featuring a high level of integration, exceptional reliability and performance, software sophistication, and unmatched versatility.

The company was founded in 1991 in Germany as a joint endeavor between a number of companies and individuals. The primary objective was the creation of a highly reliable and cost-effective motion control solution on a small footprint through the integration of all major functional blocks of motion control on a standard sized PC board. In 1993, a full-size operation was established in Sunnyvale, California to better serve the US market, especially manufacturers of semiconductor capital equipment in Silicon Valley. Since then, Logosol's time-tested technology has been recognized by customers as a technological breakthrough.

Pioneering Technology

In 1999, as a response to increasing demand for more versatile and feature-packed motion control devices, Logosol expanded its traditional offering of fully integrated multi-axis servo boards through the introduction of a new family products for distributed motion and I/O control and the Logosol Distributed Control Network (LDCN™). This innovative approach, also known as FlexWare™ architecture, allows for supervisory control of intelligent servo, stepper, piezo, spindle and I/O nodes over a full-duplex multi-drop high-speed network. Compact packaging, a comprehensive set of standard features for motion and I/O control, and cost effectiveness make these controllers ideal for a broad range of applications.

Since 2001, Logosol’s robust motion control platform has been adapted and packaged for a number of fields including CNC, dental, medical, biomedical, and photonics.

In 2003, Logosol introduced a complete Wafer Handling Platform (WHP) for semiconductor manufacturing system integration, including robots and prealigners featuring an innovative all-in-one design with electronics, mechanics and software developed 100% in-house. Complete ownership and control of this technology has allowed Logosol to achieve an exceptional degree of optimization, manufacturability, and flexibility.

Custom Design

Logosol is committed to providing products of exceptional value and functionality. Occasionally, specific applications might require a customized version of our product or an entirely new design. Logosol is specialized in the development of custom motion control products and related accessories. Our typical development cycle is 2 to 3 months, one of the shortest times to market in the industry, and offers an enormous competitive advantage. Please contact us at for a complementary evaluation and estimate of your automation project.