Wafer Handling Platform

Products and services related to electronic, software, mechanical and application engineering in the semiconductor material handling applications from components to fully integrated system solutions.


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Logosol Wafer Handling Platform


Three-axis stand-alone and single axis embedded prealigners for 45mm to 480mm wafers with integrated servo control boards and power supplies featuring extremely high precision and reliability.


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Logosol Prealigners


High-precision CNC servo control systems including linear power supplies, safety interlocks, digital user I/Os, spindle control, tools changing, G-code interpreter and supporting 6-axis machining.


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Logosol CNC Control

Distributed Control

Single axis motion controllers with integrated servo amplifiers for brushless, brush-type, stepper and spindle motors. Multi-drop RS-485 network expandable to 32 modules per segment.


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Logosol Distributed Control      

Servo Motors & Power Supplies

Ultra low-inertia, high-performance, responsive Panasonic brushless servo motors ranging from 30W to 750W with incremental and absolute encoders, and complete 250W and 600W power supply solutions.


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Logosol Servo Motors & Accessories


Legacy products including servo boards, servo systems, standalone motion   controllers, and servo amplifiers.


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Logosol Legacy Products