Servo Boards

Highly integrated multi-axis digital servo controllers with built-in power amplifiers for brushless and brush commutated DC motors. Designed as a plug-in board for PC/AT compatible computers with ISA bus. Features include optoisolated general-purpose digital inputs and outputs, user selectable trapezoidal or S-curve velocity profiles, and support of electronic gearing.



Servo Systems


Servo systems comprised of one or more Servo Boards, a CPU board, a communication/disk-on-chip board mounted on various sizes of ISA-based industrial chassis with both operating and motor power supplies.



Standalone Motion Controllers

Multi-axis standalone servo controllers with analog control output and general purpose digital inputs and outputs. Easy to use Motion Control Language, Visual Motion Composer, and sophisticated diagnostic and optimizing tools facilitate application development and eliminate the need of low-level programming.



Servo Amplifiers

Cost-effective and easy to use servo amplifiers for brushless and brush commutated DC motors with torque, velocity, voltage, and analog position modes of operation. Amplifier enable and direction enable inputs allow the connection of limit switches and all necessary protections for motor and amplifier. Loop gains, input gain, offset, peak and continuous current limits can be adjusted for specific applications.