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Logosol Wafer Handling Platform

The Logosol wafer handling platform encompasses a variety of products and services derived from more than 20 years experience with semiconductor automation. The technology ranges from hardware, software and mechanical design to manufacturing, integration and application engineering. The company’s design related to wafer handling robots and prealigners addresses applications requiring drop-in replacement of legacy products in the semiconductor fabs as well as automated material handling in newly developed capital equipment by OEM manufacturers. These product lines employ technologies fully owned and controlled by Logosol including motion control electronics, wafer handling firmware, software tools, utilities and mechanical design. The availability of the entire technology spectrum allows extremely high level of seamless integration, manufacturability, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Please contact our engineering team or international partners and distributors to learn more how Logosol’s wafer handling platform can benefit your automation project.

Wafer Handling Products by Logosol

Wafer handling products fully Designed, Development, Driven, and Manufactured by Logosol.

Prealigners by Logosol, Inc.

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iselRobotik IWH Series Wafer Handling Robots

iselRobotik IWH Series Wafer Handling Robots Powered by Logosol                                                                                   Powered by Logosol


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Diamond Series Wafer Handling Robots

Diamond Series Wafer Handling Robots Powered by Logosol                                                                   Powered by Logosol

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