Logosol's time-tested technology and high standard for reliability are the foundation of the most extensive line of prealigners in the industry.

The Prealigners product family supports the handling of objects from 45mm to 480mm with any level of transparency, from opaque to fully transparent. Logosol’s unique all-in-one design and versatile control software enable drop-in compatibility and interface with a variety of semiconductor platforms.

Prealigners by Logosol, Inc.



Autonomous devices for high-accuracy alignment of 45mm - 480mm objects, including square and dual-layer substrates, featuring single-unit handling of objects of multiple sizes without mechanical repositioning, chuck-load and pin-load modes, and high precision options.

Logosol Standalone Prealigner LPA312-3



Cost-effective center calculation and angular orientation devices for high speed wafer transfer systems featuring alignment capability for objects 45mm - 470mm and easy integration with any market-available robot. High precision and chuck size/material options available. Logosol Embedded Prealigner LPA312-1


Edge Handling

Innovative autonomous devices featuring Passive Edge Contact with zero gripping force, Logosol’s alternative to edge-gripping prealigner technology that ensures no wafer stress and maximum cleanliness for handling of objects 75mm - 300mm. Standard and high precision models.

Logosol Edge Handling Prealigner LPA8EH


Fast Swap

High-throughput prealigners featuring Fast Swap functionality based on a proprietary design which allows for wafer chuck loading below the pin level.

Logosol Edge Handling Prealigner LPA8EH



The foundation of Logosol’s extensive Prealigner product family is a technology that we have designed and developed every aspect of in-house, from silicon and mechanical design, to motion control and software. This vertical integration, along with our 20 years of experience developing numerous prealigners for a wide variety of applications, has allowed us to achieve a high level of reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness in our products, as well as an incredibly short time to market for new projects. All of this enables us to offer solutions to customers whose specifications are not met by our standard models either through modification of existing designs, or through the use of our time-tested technology as the basis for new devices that satisfy the necessary requirements.

Logosol Standalone Prealigner LPA812-3     
Logosol Standalone Prealigner LPA1218-3 Logosol Edge Handling Prealigner LPA12EH


Ordering Guide

Logosol LPA Series Prealigners Ordering Guide