Logosol CNC Software (LCNC)

CNC Software

The Logosol CNC control software has been developed for milling machine applications controlled by the Logosol Multi-Axis CNC Servo Control Package. The software can be installed on any PC equipped with USB or other high speed serial interface. Diagnostic, setup and mapping menus provide a simple way to set up the software in accordance with the machine configuration. A separate set of commands has been implemented to allow user-defined toolchanger control and tool measurement procedures. A fully developed G and M codes interpreter allows a wide variety of CNC part programs to be executed.  Sequences of up to ten different programs can be loaded and executed with a single command using Batch Jobs screen. A part program editor has been implemented to allow a loaded program to be edited, and checked for errors and machine limits violations.

  • Developed for applications with CNC milling machines controlled by Logosol Intelligent servo drives
  • Simple to install and use on any PC
  • Controls up to six axes + spindle
  • Configurable I/O and spindle control
  • Configurable Stationary and Rotary toolchanger control
  • G and M code interpreter
  • Circular and Linear interpolation
  • Canned cycles
  • Tool length compensation with tool measurement feature
  • Tool lifetime management
  • Rotation Tool Center Point (RTCP) machining
  • Part program editor
  • Batch sequence of up to ten part programs
  • Tool path screen
Part Program Editor

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Jog Control

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Tool Path Screen

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Tools Control

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CNC Diagnostics & Setup

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