Logosol Distributed Control Network (LDCN)


Logosol Distributed Control Network (LDCN) Utility allows users to test the functionality of control modules designed to use the LDCN Communication protocol. Modules may be motor controllers or I/O devices. With a number of LDCN modules connected to one of the COM ports, this utility will search for modules and initialize them with addresses starting at 1 for the first module. The list on the left side of the LDCN Utility control window shows all the modules found on the network, along with their assigned addresses, types and version numbers. Clicking on one of the modules in this list causes that module's properties to be displayed in the control panel on the right. Different control panels are displayed for different types of modules. 

 Logosol Distributed Control Network (LDCN) Utility


National Instruments LabView can be used to control all Logosol distributed servo, stepper, and I/O controllers. The provided LabView driver is a set of Visual Instruments (LabView functions) and simplifies creating complex motion and I/O control applications. No additional hardware is required. A number of working examples using the driver are also available.