Logosol Motion Control Center (MCC)


Logosol Motion Control Center (MCC) for Windows consolidates programming and diagnostic tools to facilitate the integration of the controllers. Point-and-click style of motion composer utility offers a user-friendly environment for rapid application development, eliminating the need of low level programming. Motion Control Center is able to communicate with multiple targets (motion controllers) connected to the available communication channels of the host. The following connection types are supported:

  • RS-232 - communicates over a RS-232 serial line with MCL-based controllers
  • RS-485 - communicates over a full duplex RS-485 network with up to 31 Distributed Control Network devices

 Logosol Motion Control Center provides:

  • Intuitive programming and diagnostic tool for Windows
  • Terminal emulation with multi - connection and logging capabilities
  • File management utility embedding seamlessly the target controller file structure
  • Diagnostics window for monitoring of axes positions, errors, and input/output states
  • PID optimizer with graphical representation of axes positions and errors
  • Control panel for point-and-click style axes jogging and parameters setting
  • Motion composer for rapid visual application development without programming
  • Visualizer for graphical representation of sampled user’s data